A central task of the coordination team is to coordinate the results of the work on individual topics in the subprojects (SP) with the overarching goals, to stimulate, continuously support and intensify interdisciplinary communication and cooperation in the SPP, and to represent the SPP to the public. This includes (a) the representation of the SPP 100+ in front of funding authorities and experts, (b) the central coordination of the activities of the network, e.g. the organization and content of the SPP events, workshops and trainings. (c) the presentation of interdisciplinary results of the research network to the professional public, e.g. in overview presentations at (inter-)national conferences, as well as (d) public relations for generally interested parties.

Besides, the coordination team is responsible for the associated scientific project - the validation structure, which is the Nibelungen Bridge Worms. The main tasks are the detailed planning, implementation and further development of the validation object including the concrete integration of the different SP into the demonstrator. In this way, the team actively promotes exchange across all topics and subprojects and, through its in-depth knowledge of research in the individual SP, opens up synergies between individual projects.