SPP Hundert Plus

SPP 100+

The approach of the SPP is the fact that the condition of a structure - similar to that of humans - is characterized by an increasingly rapid degradation with advancing age. Early, preventive measures against aging are a basic prerequisite for prolonging the usability of complex structures. The goal must be predictive maintenance. This requires fundamental research into the methods of recording, linking and evaluating a wide range of data, e.g. on geometry, material, stress and aging. Digitization, in particular the concept of the digital twin, is taking on a completely new significance in this context. It enables the combination and real-time evaluation of all data required for operation and maintenance and their implementation in condition and prognosis models.

In addition, the digital twin can also help to extend the service life of structures by detecting potential damage or deterioration at an early stage and advising on measures for maintenance or repair. This can help reduce the necessity of new construction and thus also minimise resource consumption and environmental impact.